Color version of phones

by Chepikian Paul

color version of phones seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Thursday 23rd of February 2006 11:28:26 AM


Rosco Campbell
I like the mood of the photo black night morning of a urban pocket ,this photo gives, works well with the different lights! A:5 o:6

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Ross. I have a whole series that I shot this night. The images are about two maybe even three years old. I'm just now getting around to exploring these images. Thanks for the comment! I usually return the courtesy of visiting the site of those who take the time to comment. In my short vistit to your site, I like what I saw. I will make time to go back and take a proper look.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Ransford: I really tried to capture the illumination within the phones. When I was younger and having grown up in the "tri state area," this is what they called New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, I was always a little intimidated by "the city" (New York). In the old days, when phones were enclosed within a booth, I always thought phone booths were a safe place in the middle of this large monolithic city. When you closed the doors, the lights went on and it was a little warmer inside than outside on a cold winter night. Since we no longer have enclosed booths, I realized this was the next best thing. I feel as though as long as I stay near, with my head inside the lit area, everything will be alright. Thanks for the observations, I really appreciate it.

Ransford Pyle
Marvelous image. I haven't got into night shots myself, so I admire people who can capture color and tone like this. But what I like best about this image is how my eye keeps coming back to the phones and then wandering the rest of the picture. I've always thought graphic art should that, namely, some sort of focus with certain seduction of the eye to different parts. sometimes, of course, an image can be quite exciting because it disturbs your eyes. This is one of many fine images in your portfolio.

Paul Chepikian
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