I will often collect leaves, let them dry and scan them. This is just some of the results

by Chepikian Paul

i will often collect leaves let them dry and scan seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Wednesday 22nd of February 2006 12:23:10 AM


Mel Legget
Positive Response!! I think this is great work, Paul. It could use a complimentary frame. I think you are on to something special here, the composition and colors work out so well! - the millet yellow is one of my favorites, and the framing could accent that. It is a great design. (Imagine it as potholder, or a tile - - since there are so many things to put photos on now!)
Thanks for writing and I am very glad for the association made, and all the compliments!
My pleasure!

the pattern is wonderful as are the colours of course! regards, cb

Paul Chepikian
Leaves Some of my early work. Actually, this image wasn't taken by a camera but rather a scanner. I love to collect leaves, dry them and then scan them. So technically, if I could point and aim a scanner, would it be a camera? Anyway, just wanted to put it out there and see if I get any responses. Thanks in advance...

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