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Published: Monday 20th of February 2006 09:30:54 AM


Ian Stevens
Another title Danger ... WIDE LOAD ! .... Nice shot

Paul Chepikian
Ian: If only you could see what else the Chinese people put on motorcycles, scooter, bicycles and the like. It was astonishing. The record for the number of people I saw on a motorscooter was four people AND a baby being held by one of the women. I have some additional shots of other "items" on the back of motorcycels. I have to go through all the shots and post some in the future. Very, very creative people and resilient people.

Rui Costa
Apart from the obvious humorist touch that this two wheels truck has I think that way you made the subject stand-out is really something worth notice. The colours are great, the licence plate looks really nice and the helmet is a finding. The bg couldn't be better. One green car on each side and that big red on centre (someone painted the Golden Arches on it ?? :D) makes the perfect - or almost - background set.

At first I didn't liked the white on the side but after a minute or two I noticed that the shot gains such a notion of movement with in on it that having it there is mandatory. Nice touch also with the two bikers (clearly off duty) following the main subject. Congratulations Paul. How's that exhibit preparation going on? Best regards

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Rui: I tried cropping the image without the white car but felt it was too centered. Thank you for the kind words regarding this picture. It was fun to set this up. I just stayed at this intersection with my telephoto for a while and just waited and shot images. This was one of several that seemed to come together. As we all may know, only so much is within our control when we shoot. I appreciated the observations on the image. With regard to the exhibit, we have postponed until September. We felt that would be a better time of the year for us and our atendees. I'm still in the process of selecting and preparing. I'll probably be doing that right up to the last minute. Thanks for asking, I'll keep you posted.

Paul Chepikian
McDonalds Bus Part of my China Series. Please visit my portfolio if you wish to view the rest. Thanks in advance for comments, suggestions, observations, critiques, etc.

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