by Chepikian Paul

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Published: Monday 20th of February 2006 05:49:30 AM


Laurent Lacoste
This is a picture I like very much Paul. Its composition and impressionist feeling are great of course, and also the use of B&W and that very interesting grain which looks like a snow storm create great atmosphere in the picture. Beautiful.

Paul Chepikian
Hi Laurent: Actually, it is snow. This is one of very few cropped images I have. Though I shot it with a 300mm lent, it was from the 16th floor so I could not get close enough to achieve what I wanted until, for all intents and purposes, I blew up the negative. This image does take me back to being a photographer for the high school yearbook on the east coast. It's a personal favorite because I relate so much to the warm and bundled pedestrian.

Polonaise G.
The natural slush Love the final effect - tremendously. Great, natural stuff. No preservatives added. Stay cool, Paul ( no pun intended :-)) george

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