Tennis Court in Snow

by Chepikian Paul

tennis court in snow seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Monday 20th of February 2006 05:47:33 AM


Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Rui: I agree about the upper left hand corner. As you probably know, that is such an easy fix in Photoshop but is it fair to do that. The truth is no one would know, well, except me that is. I even tried to crop it better in the viewfinder when I was shooting but there was no way around it. By the way, this was taken from the 22 floor of a hotel in Denver and the tennis court is on the roof of the building just below us. Thanks for the comment.

Rui Costa
Really Great This is an excellent photo indeed. What a great idea this was. The fence works wonderfully in framing and just that little bit of colour from the court in awsome. I only wish the top left corner was white too. Another great one Paul. Thank you for sharing your work and congratulations.

Paul Chepikian
Cancelled In the middle of a snow storm, a hint of what's to come in the spring and summer. Tennis anyone?

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