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Published: Monday 20th of February 2006 05:46:37 AM


Charlie M
paulo: http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo.tcl?photo_id=915521 bests- chuck.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Paolo. I saw in this image just what you described. I wish I was able to shoot straight down on it! But helicopters are very expensive and it was the beginning of a snow storm in Dever, Colorado. Thanks for your kind words.

Paulo Pampolin
I can?t stop to look at this picture. This is fantastic! Wonderfull design, composition, colors, contrast. Please, let us know more of picture like this one.

Emmanuel Enyinwa
This is beautiful as well.

Paul Chepikian
Chuck: I visited the link you supplied. Great minds think alike :-) Actually, I wanted to leave a comment for you but for some reason, I could not. I will try again another time. Be well...

Richard Ashby
untitled Fascinating image. I love the complexity and variety of visual elements in the scene. 7/7

Paul Chepikian
Darren / Richard: I very much appreciate the comments, thank you. It's interesting that growing up in the east coast, I'd seen this image a hundred times during the winter and it wasn't until I moved to sunny Southern California and a trip to Denver to photograph it some 30 odd years later. I don't get to do much work in the snow, I miss that...

Darren Carlin
Very original and abstract ! Well done

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