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by Hüttenhain Sascha

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Published: Sunday 19th of February 2006 04:33:50 PM


Peter Bernik
7/7 This is absolutely awesome. I love the composition, lighting and mysticism in the photo. And I think that it's very creative that one is in color and the other is in bw and I like the it's devided - in thirds not in halves.

Fritz Heimerl
outstanding idea! Very creative - never saw anything like this. Regards, Fritz H.

Peter Bajzek
Very cool image(s). I love the contrasted "moods" and the way the figure on the right seems to be emerging from the dark triangle of wooden floor- it sort of ties the two together. Really great work.

de aubrey
works on many levels: graphically and as a story to be told.

M. H.
Excellent mix...smart and intimate. I wish the images had some grain so the over all feeling would come through even more visually by leaving us a bit on the edge. Cheers M.H.

Valery Korolev
Val What's the point of second image? a bit confused.

Philippe Rapoport
Sensual and classy,congrats.

benjamin gonzales
i love this image, or combination of images, disturbing, imaginative, well formed. I think the connection between the two could be a bit more well drawn, but it still presents itself well. Good job.

John Peri
Very effectively put together. Bravo.

Milan Krepelka

Lee pronko
I very much like this photo alot but the white side of the photo im not quite sure what is going on... the left side of the photo is very good.. maybe if the white side of the photo was cropped out it would bring out the left side even more.. but excellent work on the left side of the photo.. the white side would also be very good on its own.. but for sometype of postcard it could be very good togther.. lemme know what u think...

promytius syl
2nd look I was all set to add my "wow!" to the comments, then I read the "crop it" comment and I think you should investigate the idea of reducing the ratio of the B&W to the color; I think if it were less than a third of the whole it would actually add to the tension in the work. However, you are the artist, and whatever you choose is yours, and as it is, it is truly unique and wonderfully mysterious; thanks for a great image experience!

dzsh rdydtii
nice Very Good idea! I like mainly the ones on the left but even the entire pictures is good! well done gaetano

Jitka Unverdorben
Very nice photo. Merry Christmas! Jitka

Matej Ratko
This is really a great shot! regards

Daniel Wood
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain I don't really understand the connection between the two photos. The lefthand photo is more of a scene while the rightand is more of an abstract figure study. The two photos seem to connotate/evoke different emotions/ideas as well. I do really like the righthand side photo, believe that it is a great photo in its own right. I would like to be able to look at them separately, right now I have to look away from one to see the other. What was your reason/theme/idea for putting them together?

Scot Tremblay
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain Like some of the others, I found the connection between the two photos unclear. I, however, think the lighting, composition and mood of the left side works very well. Then I focused on the shadow of the girl flowing into the lower left corner and the right photo subject flowing out of the lower left corner. With the help of digital photo manipulation I flipped the right photo and placed it on the left side. Maybe the result can be said to be predictable, obvious, staged, trite or ??...let others deside. For me sometimes predictable works. I hope you don't mind that I messed with your photo.

James Dainis
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain Maybe this should be called "Photos of the Week". I like the mood of the color photo on the left and the abstract qualities of the B&W photo on the right. Either one could stand on its own merits. I know I am missing something but they just don't seem to belong together.

Yi Sun
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain I like this one very much. The fiercely contrast between the left part and the right part makes everybody think hard. This is the fantastic effect of this photo. And sure, different people will get different results from the boundless imagination. It kind of describes my recent life. Seems calm in friends' eyes, wanna die inside. Or, the lady is so peaceful in the left, because the devil inside her is blocked as in the right part. Anyway, a excellent photo for my eyes. Cheers

Richard Lewis
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain I see why several people say these two images don't go together. However I think there might be a message here showing the woman on the left as feeling trapped and alone. the image on the right is a graphic expression of her feelings and thoughts. While the images might contrast each other visually, I like how they are tied together with the shadow behind the screen.

Robert Pastierovic
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain Very nice work. I see the connection between the pics in the light and the woman, or lack of light and lack of clear view of the woman in both pics. That's it.


Landrum Kelly
"Contrived" is perhaps the word I am looking for. It is graphically strong, it makes me think, and it has a certain force. Given all that, I am extremely puzzled myself as to why I dislike it so intensely. It seems a bit forced somehow. The two pictures together seem to club me over the head with the claim, "This is art!" It has to work too hard to convince me of that fact. I remain unconvinced. On the emotional level, it thus leaves me completely cold, even a bit revulsed, as it has ever since I first saw it some weeks back. I want to run up with a hammer and throw it through the screen. "It lacks authenticity in some sense" is the last thought that I am left with. --Lannie

M.M. Meehan
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain Very emotive depiction of the lady contemplating taking a shower. In her mind the shower could be a confining dark, scary place. The light on the left of the left is just about perfect to set the ominous mood, leaving her slightly in the dark, with the low, strange light from the lamp on the right of the left. Where the triangles meet at the corner of the two frames tie them together, in a way. Then... it wasn't a great leap of the imagination to think "Psycho" the old classic movie. Care to do a third frame showing the old lady in the rocking chair in the window? Your whole portfolio shows very original, excellent interesting photography. I am glad I had the opportunity to see your work.

Etienne Navarre
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain My first impression is similar to a lot of other people... "What's the connection?". So I sat there a bit longer, and looked for a connection. I sensed that there was a physical connection (albeit subtle) as the dark angle of the left-hand picture leads your eye to the lower right corner, which is where the "shadow" begins up into the right-hand picture. I get the impression of a genie? or possibly a trapped soul? The dark mood of the left-hand picture leads me to believe there is something about this woman that may be trying to "get out" or "escape". I LOVE the left-hand picture by itself. The right-hand picture by itself is unremarkable. The combination is interesting, but I had to work a possible connection. Thank you.

Andrew Campbell
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain The left side image would have been perfect on its own. Having both side-by-side is overkill, in my opinion.

Mihai Costea
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain Same here, I like each picture for what it shows but don't seam to find the connection. I'm looking at the title and found fugazi= "Fouled Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In (British military slang)". Hm, I can understand the dark mood on a rainy day but I was also hoping for the author to step in and give us a hand.

Greg S
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain It would take awhile for me to figure out other means by which to marry the paranormal right to the reality of the left. The initial 2 areas of consideration regard position and transition... not to mention PS. ;) Nice work though!

Li Po
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain These two photos differ from each other and at the same time they are tied together.The color one shows the depression of modern life but in a light mood maybe because just 1/3 of the photo is in darkness.But in the B/W photo we can see the culmination of these depressed feelings and thoughts.Here there's just self and truth without any colors.I think the b/w shot is the complimentary piece of the color photo -if one imagine it as a puzzle.As a whole I love the melancholic tone of this photo.

Bryan Andersen
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain Love it. It has an initial wow to it, but on closer reflection it doesn't quite fit from side to side for me, but it still maintains most of that initial wow. What I see is the gal in the chair being in internal reflection with a let me out/escape shadow on the other side.

Bill Tate
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain I've been studying this photograph(s) for a couple of days now not wanting to be the first to comment. It has an strange and immediate appeal to me, yet I feel perplelxed. Thanks to all of you interpreters who have made some sense to the two totally dissimilar images. The photograph is about as simple as it or they can be, yet there is one disconnected bit right in the middle that is a distraction - the lamp's wire and the wall outlet whre it is plugged in. If it were me making this shot, (and I wouldn't) I would clone away the distraction of that wire and plug. This is one of the most unusual POWs I've seen and I sort of like the looks, but am not sophisticated enough to comprehend the depths of the artists intent. Interesting creation, but not exactly my "cup of tea." It wouldn't hang on my wall. Willie the Cropper

Erik Adams
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain I was also thinking that the photo on the right is an expression of the model's "inner reality." But as Bill says, there is a disconnect between the two images. Some of this is the wide space between them, some of it the intervening objects that Bill mentioned. The idea of flipping the image on the right and moving it to the left, mentioned in one of the first comments, sounds like a good one. I also tried inverting (B&W negative image) the image on the right, but it didn't work out well - background too dark. I like the idea of the expression of the model's angst with the second image, but I'm wishing that the two images were not so separated from each other.

Erhan Dayi
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain A woman trappeed inside of her own thoughts and feelings. The surrounding world is just a prison gor her. She wants to get out...but she just can't. That is what I get from this image. I think it is a very succesfull implicative composition.

AmirAli Sharifi
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain First of all the green light on the lamp bothers me the most, I think it must be removed, I like the composition of both photos. The b/w photo is a very usual photo but the addition of the left photo brings new meanings to this. To me this is just like a two frame commic strip, without a happy ending. thank you for sharing this photo with us

Marc G.
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain I generally like your portfolio very much, and this is no exception - except perhaps for that brown aura arouns the woman. All else, especially lighting and colors, is great. And now I'll need some time to find out why these 2 very nice images were combined together... Intriguing...

Puck Faery
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain this is a brilliant and most impressive work and certainly worth yourwhile in spending that evening in the hotel. the colours rendered are very pleasing.

Christine Dolan
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain The juxtaposition of these photos is highly original and gives much room for thought. I love trying to figure it out!

Matthew Rader
Interesting Like a lot of people, I like the picture on the left, the bright whiteness of the picture on the right really distracts my eyes, and I hate looking at it. And the woman, to me doesn't seem trapped, but guilty, she looks utterlly miserable and uncomfortable and that is how I feel when I see the pic. Separate them, PLEASE!

john smith
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain The image on the left has an air of an Edward Hopper painting.

Saeid Faramarzy
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain The photo is contained from two separated frame .The right rectangle frame shows the naked woman behind the confounded glass in a very bright area. It isn?t Black and White photo but it has a miniature color spectrum. There is a naked woman in a dark place sitting on a sofa below the light of the shade in the left square frame. Although in a left area we have larger space with wider color spectrum but the sight of the viewer is equally divided between two frames. In the left frame: Heavy atmosphere of the photo is unbearable. with the help of the square crop, berserker position of the woman, intensive contrast of the shadows and the optical parameters that expend the loneness and individuality of the woman (sofa and the shade) this heavy atmosphere will be shown as well as it can .In opposite of the Nude photos, inattention of the photographer to bare body of the woman, shows more prostration of her .the dazed look of her to the point light below the shade can solve the mystery that the photographer wants to say. In the right frame: Running a woman about violating to colory and new world of the left frame is inconnivance and it shows more effective with the help of the vertical crop .she has a monotonous and shiny world that has homophony with the naked body .A world that a womanish nude body is the only characteristic that it has. These two parallel scenario have dexterous actor who can make a connection between two independent subject without his presence .The man who withheld last rays of light from his marriage life by illumination a physically soulless connection.

Behrooz Ensha
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain So great. The meaning of going and staying. She while seating on the sofa is making herself enough ready to go behind the glass. This is not two pics of two naked women, it is a scenario of the seating woman who is waiting for her destiny. The pic is captured at two differnet moments of her life. I don`t know maybe Sascha puts that woman in two destinies. Maybe . . . 7/7 and exactly more . . .

Micah Mathews
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain WOW! That is ALL I HAVE TO SAY! WOW!

Chilala Moco
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain Connection or not, I think it's just a matter of personal opinion. Does it work? Yeah, I believe it does so well, that it will probably make this debate endless. Or, maybe, it goes beyond personal opinion... I don't know. The picture as a whole, no doubt, is a very interesting one. For me, it's thought-provoking on both its form and - if I understand all of them - possible significations. I see the pursuit for freedom, incarceration, loneliness, doubt, fear... Things very common to the human being. What else? I pretty much like it.

Matt Pearson
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain The title sort of makes the two images make more sense, though I'm never sure if a title ought to explain an image. But I imagine that it has to do with a woman F*ing up and getting trapped in an unhappy relationship. However, I thing that the right image drives the point a little too bluntly, you know?

drazen pajtlar
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain WOW!..so great!

Al Li
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain Yes, I think this should be call photos of the week. Both images are well done technicially, but the connection is not clear enough for me.

Jenny Darden
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain I actually prefer the image on the right. It is so strange that it will stick in my mind much longer than the one on the left. I am confused also about the connection between the two.

Lisa Sorbe
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain I actually love this photo... It gives me the impression of a woman trapped - in both body and mind - and who is desperately ready to break free. Yes, it's disturbing, but it's also thought-provoking and moving. Very creative, in my opinion.

Debraj Bhattacharya
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain Very interesting image indeed...However I do not think that the lady needed to be a super sexy nude to evoke the sense of loneliness and being trapped...the composition on the left seems a litte too staged...would have preferred a more normal shot - a woman sitting on the sofa after returning from office or a housewife watching television...

John Galyon
Response to - fugazi - by sascha hüttenhain decent work...but if the elves hadn't posted it would we even be looking for more than a nano second?

Sascha Hüttenhain
- fugazi - photoshooting on a rainy day in a hotel...

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