"Pink & Blue"

by Tsoi Wilson

pink blue seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 17th of February 2006 08:14:53 PM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Back to tulips again, Wils!? Yay!! This is gorgeous. I like that the one flower is falling a part a little ... sometimes photos of nature are a bit more "perfect" than actual nature itself. I look forward to more of the tulips from you!

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Beautiful Perfect colors in the image ...!

Kim Slonaker
Very nice detail and color, Wilson. Looks like you have selected a perfect DOF, too!

Cherlyn .
Beautiful & sweet pink litted bloom against a blue background. Well composed & placement in the tight frame.

Linda Keagle
Hi Wilson! A subtle halo around these tulips gives them an ethereal presence...

Wim Ipenburg
Wilson, What a great colourfull and fine composed shot. The sharpness is amazing!

Joe Orsak
Good stuff Wil! Goood stuff! Nice tones on the background. Is that PS'd in? I'd imagine so. good compliment.

Howard Dion
Wonderful colors and composition. Well done.

Henri Manguy
Excellent. Good d.o.f. and beautiful colours.

Colin Carron
Beautiful lighting and detail and as said, the angle gives the flowers a greater impact.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, LOU ANN: Thanks. Yes, I thought the one falling apart is actually more interesting that the one above it as well. KIM: Thanks, Kim. Just wanted to get all petals in focus and using fast enough shutter speed & aperture combo for hand holding. CHiPs: Thank you. CHERLYN: Glad you like it. WIM: Thanks, Wim. It was sharp enough that I thought a layer of soft mask is appropriate. JOE: Thanks, Joe. All in this image is a la naturale, and only the blur mask was PS'd in. HOWARD: Thanks. Glad you like it. LINDA: Thanks, Linda. Glad you notice the halo which was from the blur mask. G'day mate! VRINDAVAN: Thanks for visiting. The sky indeed is real. Please refer to the "Details" tab for more info. The only thing added in post-process is the blur mask. HENRI: Thanks, Henri. Hope all is well with you. Wilson ^_^

Kim Tural
Great angle to this super shot! Love the colours too. Makes me think of spring...

Ken Beilman
Delightful color combination and lighting. Very nice, Wils.

Wilson Tsoi
Kim, Colin, and Ken, Thank you much for your visit and feedback! ^_^

John Seward
Hiya Wils, Great shot all the way around. The blue bg really separates the pinks well--a great choice.

very very nice photo

Wilson Tsoi
"Pink & Blue," Spring is Almost Here . . . Spring is almost here? Feedback is welcome.

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