ZD 181

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 17th of February 2006 09:04:30 AM


Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Excellent play with the black. just beautiful.

Ernest Wong, CA
very nice shot

Rasmus Lindersson
Good angle

James Baeza
Nice job with the blacks in this image. The red lips stand out a little much for my taste. Somewhat distracting fron the rest of the image. Beautiful regardless.

John Peri
Thank you. These are precisely the type of comments that I find very useful. I wonder in fact if one doesn't need a central point of attention? Anyway, Itook various shots, both covered and uncovered and chose this one for presentation at this particular time. I'll post more later and one can compare.

Peter Meade
Hello John, I love the languid pose your model has adopted and I think the colour of the lips makes this shot. I think this shot would be every bit as good with the breast covered, that would leave us with just the pose and the lips. Very best wishes. Peter

Milo G
Thoughts Both rich and baroque. Exquisite.

James Baeza
Peter Good point. My thoughts were that the color of the lips takes away from the subtle beauty of the uncoverd breast and her skin tone in general. This of course is just my opinion. If the breast were covered that changes everything. The lip color would be a great highlight in that case. Again, just my opinion. This is a great photo regardless. The detail of the blacks (and the model of course) make this image for me. Sounds like I am getting a little pickiy here but that is not my intention. Just trying to convey my thoughts in a constructive way. Best regards to you and John.

Peter Meade
Jim Jim, you are of course quite right about the lips do lead the eye away from the breast and that's what happened to me. In that respect, a more muted red would be more appropriate. But as you say, this is a great image. Fond regards. Peter

tommy culbreth
no, john, leave the red alone. this photo is a visual feast. the lips are desert.

James Baeza
I enjoy trying to comprehend the way others see things. Wonderfull. This image has provided a great forum for this. This helps my studies along quite nicely. Thanks. -JWrightwood

John Peri
That's an interesting comment Jim, thank you. After all these years, I am still surprised sometimes to see what has general appeal or not. Sometimes I like an image which others don't and vice versa, and it's always interesting to see what others point out as being attractive or not. In addition to that, it is always useful to take note of all the faults you do not notice yourself as an author.

Nina R
I never cease to be amazed by your work..And it has inspired me in more ways than one...I especially like the way you crop your pics,so that it confers them a 'figure studies' feel that makes them stand out, compared to pages torn out from some common fashion /beauty magazine...My hat's off to you!

John Peri
Portrait of a lady .

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