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Published: Thursday 16th of February 2006 10:47:27 PM


Bob Kurt

xx xx
Wow .. I have always dreamed to see an aurora ... sure that I like it!! But were the colours really like this (yellow-green, I mean) or did you use filters/post production adjustments? Cheers, Lorenza

Dexter Dee Dee
Very nice colors and aurora form. DDD

J. Knight
4/4......some ratings just make me laugh....fantastic shot!

Dave Holland
?details An outstanding image, for sure. This is a pretty rare experience, and I am not sure I know how to expose for this shot, if I ever get a similar chance. What was your exposure data (f-stop, shutter speed, lens length)?

A.K. Sircar
Never seen a spectacle like this.Excellent capture.Thanks for sharing.

Julian Chu
Spectacular! Love it!

Arnab Banerjee
Hard not to like this one - fantastic capture. I like the way the tree and mountains are illuminated by the aurora

Vi P
Ooohh.... I have seen it once in my life, in Iceland, and I will never forget it. This is so very magical... its like... they say - its magic! you know its intangible. But aurora borealis - it is visible... and when you see it - you know it. you know its by its beauty and by how it takes your breath away....

Alin Balanean
AWESOME!! I think it's the best one with this subject! Excellent!

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Fantastic capture!, love the aurora shapes and how the left trees and horizon guide into the composition, stars are a great add, totally awesome, would love to see one of these sometime!

seckin aziz top
unusual outstanding...

Peter Kervarec
Fantastic! I think its about time photo.net makes it impossible to rate without leaving your name - 4/4 is a joke.

Eskil Olsen
Thank you for comments. The coulors are true, no filters. F:5,6 25 sek. Canon lens 17-40mmL f/4. (21mm) Iso 400

Ketil Monsen
Dette er bra Eskil!

Angel Hernandez
This is the most beautiful shot I have ever seen of the Aurora. Let me tell you how I envy you in an honest way. I would be mad if I could take something similar. BRAVO!!!!

Daniel Gaworski
impressive. I think I'll post my aurora shots soon :)

Robert Pastierovic
Hi. Norway is a very nice country. Great shot.

Norbert Borowiec
I love it

ivan bacon
my eyes. "auroras are not percepted by the eye as having a strong color or any color at all," my EYES have seen aurora's in yellow, green, red, purple, and every shade that falls inbetween. you can only understan if you have seen them , it will blow your mind. excelent photo i like that the little town is in the shot.

Vadim Makarov
Perception of color I’d like to offer a suggestion to answer the question about color. Judging from the f-stop/ISO/exposure data for this image, this is a relatively bright aurora, so it would probably be seen as green by the eye, close to its photographic depiction. However, weaker (less bright) auroras are not percepted by the eye as having a strong color or any color at all, because color receptors (cones) in the eye are not sensitive to weak light, only monochrome receptors (rods) are. This is called a scotopic, or night, vision: everything is be perceived as monochrome, or with pale colors. Also, rods are more sensitive in the green and partially sensitive in the blue part of the spectrum. So, red colors look much darker than other colors in near darkness. Color film does not mimic scotopic vision. It records everything in full color even at very long exposures and/or high ISO.

Digital cameras could in principle mimic scotopic vision, but I am yet to hear of such a recording mode. It could be mimicked (after some research) with manual processing in Photoshop if the exposure data is recorded. The result probably won’t be pretty, if accurate :).

It is a little trick photographers practice: shoot at low light, show fantastic colors the eye never sees.

Angelo Plessas
A place i have always dreamed of visiting .... excellent capture !!! My regards !

andreas mixalopoylos
Wow Brabo.....Andreas

Jacynthe Harel
Very beautiful! 7/7 Fantastic shot, wow! Bravo!

Shea Riggenbach
This is amazing. I love the pin points of the stars.

Vahid Kohandel
7/7 Congrats for your amazing shot .

Marek Novotny
Simply amazing!!!

Bernard Reagan
There is really nothing more to say.. Absolutely stunning. Thank you so very much for sharing -

Marla Marrs
Oh wow, I really love this photo, I just was telling someone today I'd like to see the Northern Lights, Hopefully I will some day. =] Really nice photo.

Florin Vitzman
This is oustanding! a perfect exposure! Congratulations!

Marius Hole
Hei Eskil skriver paa norsk jeg. fantastisk bilde og fin komposisjon. Veldig fine farger. Et nydelig bilde!

Tomislav Bukvic
FANTASTIC! Envy you for having an opportunity to see something like this yet to photograph it. 10/10

Ignacio Romero Naves
Awesome Wonderful!!! I love this shot it is incredible!! I have been living in Finland for 3 years already and actually I was talking today morning to my wife that I would love to take some pictures of aurora Borealis...but it is not that easy to find them...did you check anywhere the amount of magnetism of thatday?? Or you just got lucky and "crashed" into one :-) Anyway great work...7/7

Christian Hilmersen
Nice! I like the wing-like look of this. Regarding color: this is a rather conservative aura, if anything I would guess that the long exposure burned out some of the color.

Autumn P.
Absolutely brilliant!

Bill Pador
Simply AWESOME ! These are those kinds of shots every photographer wishes happened to them, just a wonderful capture in every sense. So mystical & down right pretty to look at. I hope to someday see one of these in person and be able to capture it on film as you have. Be proud of this one, it's just FANTASTIC ! Thanks for sharing . . . "BRAVO" 7/7

Eskil Olsen
Aurora dansing over Hauan Like it?

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