How many pixels ?

by Kurt Bob

how many pixels seeking critique kurt bob

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Published: Thursday 16th of February 2006 02:13:07 AM


Stephen H
I like the contrast of the colors versus the B&W background. It's hard to tell without being there, but seems to me a bit more of the environment might improve the shot. The pixel comment suggests the wrong attitude towards the subject here. If you're in the portrait or glamour business, you want to take pictures of "perfect" people. But oftentimes, "real" people are more interesting, and you'll see a lot of shots of weathered wrinkled faces for that reason. One of the best "large person" photos I've seen is in Horenstein's B&W photography book- a wide angle shot of a lady at perfect ease with herself and the photographer, and looking right at the camera- not a sneak shot from the side.

John McMillin
That's what I call "filling the frame." The eensy-weensy camera just completes the joke.

Gail Sowder
Guilty Pleasure This photo says it all. The colors are great and it makes a statement. Agree or disagree with the concept it is still a good photo.

J. Knight
so mean....yet sooo f*cking hilarious! : ) I love your humor, man!

Niklas Hallberg
American tourist in Paris?

Mark Sweeney
Yo quiero Taco Bell how many pixles? Not enough!

Bob Kurt
How many pixels ? :)

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