Persepolis - rock carving of wild animal mane

by Downs Jim

persepolis rock carving of wild animal mane seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: Asia - Middle East - Iran - Shiraz & Persepolis

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Wednesday 15th of February 2006 02:05:18 AM


Rejith Warrier
IMHO it is not critical to explain how you took it unless people ask about it, but it is always helpful if you write a line about it .. Sometimes people tends to keep rating and giving critique to a long line of photos and dont stop to think for long and hard the real meaning presented behind an abstract photo, that is atleast what I see sometimes .. I can be wrong ofcourse, but it does help sometimes to explain the shot a bit .. That being said, nicely done ..

Niranjn T
You could say something about the technique/capture/postprocessing/context, but only if you think it adds to the understanding and appreciation of the photo. It may make for interesting conversation as well. I like this photo. Nice patterns, good light, well captured. I wonder if placing the blemish at a power point (a bit lower than where it is now) would lead to a more effective composition.

Alon Eshel
Excellent texture , Very beautiful abstract

Jim Downs
Question When submitting design detail like this is it customary to explain how you captured the image or just let the viewer us their imaginations?

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