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Published: Tuesday 14th of February 2006 09:04:40 AM


Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente Bello encuadre,. perfecta luz y color, bella composicion, un cordial saludo Beepy.

Beepy .
A dialogue b: So, the image was either allegory or simply symbolically suggestive...

b: I titled it "Memory" and phrased it on critique request "Memory and revelation" - though wish I could change that to "Memory revealed"

b: Where the blank pages represent things still to happen and be remembered.

b: But your head thrown back - not expressionless, but some emotion of despair or passionate loss speaks to the loss of memories, of aging, of sadness.

d: which brings me to the whole paradox thing

d: especially with the eyes being blindfolded - as if i am already preferring to disregard/forget/annul all of these new memories that are in the process of forming

b: The blindfold represents both the impartiality of you in your role as some archetype of memory - uncontrolled absorbing and forgetting. Not evil in any way - but not beneficent.

b: Something older and more primal. White indicating a a primitive innocence.

b: But maybe you do care about your helplessness - and maybe that is anguish underneath, and why your head is thrown back helpless.

b: You would want to make it otherwise - memories relevant, true and permanent. But your power is not even under your control.

Curtis Comeau
I dont read that deep into this image. But I do like it. I do like the effort that went into the location, props etc... very good work.

Daniel Hristescu
Hello Beautiful and very interesting composition . Dan

Beepy .
Memory Memory and revelation.

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