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Published: Monday 13th of February 2006 07:26:56 PM


Ms D
:) This is totally not your style.

John Peri
Cheesy, how dreadful, my models would annihilate me! Anyway, that's an even greater compliment. Thank you.

John Peri
Thanks, glad it amused you Florian. Did you see the dog !

Ms D
:) Yes, you do! Unlike most nude photographs, yours is never cheesy.

florian r.
very cool shot, first i thought it was taken from above. the perspective makes it for me combined with the great frame and of course her facial expression. best regards fr

John Peri
Hey, so I have a style. That sounds great, thank you !

Peter Meade
Hello John, this has elements of "the Scream" about it. My children make me feel like this at times! For me, the shot is made by the red items, which are vivid and strident, and by the small placid dog. Very best wishes. Peter

John Peri
Hy Tammy, yes we had great fun. You'll be seeing some of the photo .... best wishes, John

Tammy V.
Hee! Hee! Love this, John. I've definitely had days where I've felt like throwing a tantrum. Love the creativity shown by the two of you - this must have been such fun.

David McCracken
Superglue? How did you manage to stick them to the wall like that? Amazing! Fun image John.... funnier than my comment no doubt!

Ms D
:) It was indeed a complement. Most [nude] photographers exploit the female body, but you on the other hand expose the beauty. That makes you a good photographer. Although I am not a big fan of nudity I find your photographs to be more into the art than exploiting.

John Peri
Thanks Vi, we had a lot of fun doing these photos over the weekend, and that's important too. Actually, I think that it also has a significant effect on the outcome. The dog wanted to be in all the pictures ..... !

Vi P
John, this is superb. I think, in terms of creativity, this is one of your best shots. Damn!... her lips, and the fabric on her chest, and the pillow.... contrasting to her hair, eyes and stickings... and the little doggie ot the back.... SUPERB. Truly creative.

David Shelby
WOW John. something really different from you.Surprised me! Dam it! I like it. "smiles"

John Peri
Portrait .

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