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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Ms D
:) It is so good to see this in the correct category. I'd have to give just a 4/4 based on all of your other work. If a "John Doe" takes a pic like this then 6/6 or even a 7/7 is appropriate. You on the other hand, must push your limits.

John Peri
Sure, no problem. Many thanks also for the smile !

John Peri
David, I presume you are in Hong Kong. It's way past your bed time. Go to bed now (and switch the light off)!

Kaushik Chatterjee
John, Lovely take of the beautiful model. Just like to see her without the necklace. Rgds.

David McCracken
Terrible... This is terrible John... The lovely lady is at a table and there is no sign of food or drink. I don't know what to say.

To the photograph, I do like this and I am sure you know why.

The photograph in the background looks interesting too!

P.S. I switched your italics off...

Raymond Elstad
A lovely portrait of a lovely lady. Very nice soft light captures the apparent softness of her inner self. Bravo, Raymond

Harvey King
This photo is by far one of my personal favorite. If she is really a young exec as you said, then, here are the reasons why I love it. Most of the career type women (and man for that matter) don't get their confidence from their looks and physique. Pose nude is probably one of more difficult things for these kind of women. Yet you managed to make her feel relaxed, comfortable. In fact, you can almost see the confident in her which one typically sees in a board room. On top of that, there is a sense of playfulness in her expression. Most photographers use photographs as a mean to express his/her own self. Your photograph, on the other hand, tend to draw personalities of your subject so they are not just another nameless subject at front of a lens. And this photograph is an example of such. with envy Harv

John Peri
Thank you Harvey. Your comments are not only instructive, but often very generous. Please do not hesitate ever to tell me when a photo is no good! Yes, this young lady is definitely an exec. She is a financial controller ... !

Pierre Dumas
Wonderful softened portrait!

As I can see on this thumbnail! Nice pose,  look at the hands and the look, nice background, not over crowded as somebody once remarked and the usual richness of tones!

Warm regards John!


John Peri
Portrait of a young executive sorry, I withdrew it after posting in the wrong section ...

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