by Chepikian Paul

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Published: Saturday 11th of February 2006 10:32:17 AM


Angela Martin
Paul, this photo is beautiful. I love the sillouhette and the rnage in the exposure is very good. What equipment and/or filters did you use? Thanks for your time, Angela.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Angela! This image was taken with a Canon 20D (8 mega pixel) with a Canon 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 EF II lens. I normally like to use a tripod, close down the aperature all the way, that gets me maximum depth of field and good saturated colors. In addition, this time of day (sunset) gets a great saturation as well. This was shot hand held and is part of a series that I've yet to post. There is an additional shot I took the same day attached below. I'll get around to posting the others hopefully soon. Thanks so much for the kind words.

Angela Martin
I think I like the skyline photo even more. Very nice layered effect. I also have a 20D. Just got it in December and I love it. It's my first dslr.

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