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Published: Saturday 11th of February 2006 01:54:54 AM


Shawn Shawhan
Great colors and textures! 6/5

terrific colour-just great!! cb

Michael Grindstaff
This is great for sure see my single photos for a portrait from Guangzhou, if you wish...its hard to take bad photos there.

Paul Chepikian
A sincere thank you! I am very grateful to one and all for the wonderful comments. Rest assured I will be stopping by to view your portfolios if I haven't already. Once again, thank you so much...

Biplab Sikdar
Paul nice abstract ... great details ... nice observation ... greetings from Kolkata ... carry on clicking ...

David McCracken
Beauty everywhere... I don't know what it is about doors with character that make such good photos. This really is good. A lot of people would have passed this by. You didn't. Well spotted.

Seven Stuartson
Great elements - colours, textures : perhaps crop a little from left to have the lock less centered?

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Naim: It's funny that you say that about the image being centered. One of the decisions I had to make when taking the images was do I omit the two metal pieces in the upper left hand corner so that the lock would not be centered? I decided that having those two elements in the shot were important which is why I initially did not crop them out. The lock is ever so slightly off center. It all is subjective, isn't it? Seven's choice would have been to crop out the elements as to not have the lock centered. It's not right or wrong, just personal preferences. I guess if we really come down to it, it's actually yet "another" picture of rust and peeling paint. Thank you both for taking the time to comment!

Paul Chepikian
Great Suggestion! That's actually a very good suggestion, Seven. I may give that a crop in the original, see what it looks like and repost. Once again, thanks for taking the time and your comment.

Naim Ozturk
Marvellous This is just marvellous Paul. I would not change a thing. Yes the lock is geometrically centered but I think the detail on the left compensates for that.

Oktay ├Łybar
Paul ! Very nice image. Beautiful colour. Very good composition and detail. I like so much. Cong....Well done !..

Paul Chepikian
Force I couldn't help it! It was too much to ignore. Not only is there peeling paint, there is also rust! Part of the China Series. I know, I know, it's in English but I swear, it was shot in Guangzhou! Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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