Rebel with a Red Umbrella

by Chepikian Paul

rebel with a red umbrella seeking critique chepikian paul

Gallery: China

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Saturday 11th of February 2006 01:54:18 AM


Ruychi Sako
and nice colours great shot ! very graphic and unusual.

Naim Ozturk
more red Great capture Paul. There is indeed something rebellious about red and I would like to see more saturated colors (redder reds!) here. But that is me of course, and this is very successful shot as is.

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Oh, this is ELEGANT, Paul. Very nice.

Charlie M
imho, aesthetics are secondary to the concept you have going on here. [PAU[L: the creativity of your work and your background comes through in your photos.

Paul Chepikian
I've attached yet another alternative, Chuck. In my intitial crop, I'd made it a point to leave room in front of both subjects in order to convey movement. In addition, I had the upper most and thickest line meeting the upper left hand corner. I see what you've done in your version, having one vertical and one horizontal line meet the corners. I like that but I'm not certain if I like one subject having more room in front of them as opposed to the other subject. This latest I've attached has the ends of the photo very close to both subjects, creating almost a stressfull feeling in that they don't have much farther to go. And I've made two corners meet at the ends of the page. Interesting, isn't it? All these varied views and observations, no right, no wrong, just choices. Thanks for taking the time...

Paul Chepikian
Rebel with Red Umbrella aka Missing Tile It's not often that I feel comfortable with naming my images. But this one was different. I usually name images simply for me to be able to find them.

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