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Published: Friday 10th of February 2006 09:06:37 PM


Keith Clemens
I look forward to seeing each new posting from you, Wilson. You have so much to offer. It's certainly more than cameras, lighting, technique. You know your sports; know where to find the best shots; and anticipate the plays with superb focus. Well done.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Nice one!

Cally Golding
Reach Wonderful shot! I love the color,the action & the framing. You really captured the moment.

Ben S
impeccable clarity -- any tips you can provide for how you achieve it would be greatly appreciated.

Iuliana Iacob
This photo made my day Wilson! Pesky exams at the end of the semester kept me away from basketball lately,but looking at your picture makes me feel I'm in the middle of the court! You succeeded to capture the beauty and excitement of this game and the fighting spirit of the players! Wonderful shot! Congratulations, Julie

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Again, the hair! I love it! Frozen in time. I hope that you know the guy with the hair so that you can share with him all of your images of his DO. :-)

Frank Melchior
Hair Another great shot of flying hair, well done Wilson. Have tryed a 60mm for your Bball?

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, KEITH: Thanks for such kind words. Appreciate it. JAYME: Thanks! IULIANA (JULIE): Very glad it does! Good luck with the exam BTW. CALLY: Thanks for your comment, Cally. BEN: Thanks, Ben. Pretty straight forward really. I set the camera to AF-C (continuous servo,) center AF-point, set custom white balance before game, pre-meter the gym (ended at f1.4 at 1/400 sec.) and left exposure mode on manual (don't want the ceiling lights to fool the meter and change settings as can easily happen in auto-exposure.) It's important to keep the shutter speed up to around 1/400 sec. miniimum. You can get by with 1/320 sec. if use wider focal length. I try to vary my point of view by shooting from baseline under the basket, or a bit off to side, and mix some wide angle shots with some telephoto shots. You should have no problem shooting the game if you have decent access. Ben, I'm sure you can do it. ^_^ FRANK: Thanks, Frank. I don't have the 60mm macro. I did use a 50mm f1.8 AF and it seems to work fine for hoop. LOU ANN: Thanks! That's East Bay native, Maurice Reede. Probably the most spectacular player in the team. Unfortunately he sat out a few games now due to ankle injury. He'll be back in the lineup soon though. Wilson ^_^

Ben S
thanks Wilson, I've got a few shots in my portfolio of basketball -- shot a lot of it, but at a more junior level where the light is worse, i dont usually achieve quite this clarity though -- its inspiring to see what's possible.

Howard Dion
You should call this Hairdo! Thanks for the tips on how you made the image.

Wilson Tsoi
"Reach" for a rebound Shoreline forward Maurice Reede (#20) out jumps Everett's Jake Moore for an offensive rebound. Reede leads team in rebound with an average of 7.0 so far this season. Dolphins lead most of the way and go on to beat Trojans 101-93.

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