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Published: Friday 10th of February 2006 11:05:38 AM


Charlie M
hey paul no comments on this image yet. surprising. thanks for your comment on my portfolio. the party plates stand out against the flooring and kitchen. a lot could be implied... im thinking, that has potential for a a script idea. - chuck.

Paul Chepikian
WOW! Chuck, that was awsome! I know that word is overused but what the hell, it was really freakin' awesome. If I in anyway inspired that with this photo, then I'm a happy man. The building I was in when I shot this is probably already gone! It's an old Beverly Hills apartment. It just breaks my heart when I realize that every piece of lumber, every brick, every door knob, every glass pane in this structure will be demolished. Chances are overwhelming that nothing here will be recycled. This building has probably stood since the 30's, all those lives, all those dreams, hopes, fears, celebrations, they will all be replaced by condos! And yes, it's true, I should be working on the script! Thanks once again, Chuck, for making my night with your wonderful, uh, it's far more than a comment. P.S. I love the horizontal ironing board in the back room.

Charlie M
Paul, i did use it in a paragraph after all. thanks - chuck "Party plates in youre girlfriend's empty apartment, dodger-blue linoleum floors, and washing machines that shake like coin operated beds in cheap motels. Parliament cigarettes, post-it notes and polaroids are all over your desk. Who knows why you take pictures of these things really? You put on your Addidas shell toed-shoes with the fat laces and hoody and you walk around the city with your camera. You'll go to walkup lofts in rehabbed neighborhoods, the kind with exposed brick--drink wine, and say: "appropriation, fabrication, conceptual, post-modern, pop." You'll say: "Remember that guy who nailed himself to the Volkswagen and took a picture?" You go down to 8th street and take pictures of the market, that doubles as a state liquor agency, that reminds you of your dad--who bought you scratch off lotto tickets on his way home from work. Maybe some good looking girl will see your photos. She'll say: "I want you to take my headshots; I'm trying to become an actress..." Who knows what she'll say? Maybe it'll be a dude. "Whatever blows your hair back," you'll say. Sometimes, photography keeps you from finishing the script you should be working on; sometimes, it keeps you from drinking decaf. Although, you love it all the same. "It's better than Cat's" you say."

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