Red Lid

by Chepikian Paul

red lid chepikian paul

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Published: Friday 10th of February 2006 08:50:05 AM


Laurie Effinger - Spring Texas
Love This The mood here is just incredible...It makes me want to walk by!

Paul Chepikian
Hi Laurie: If you can imagine: It is about 10:30 at night. It's China, it is incredibly humid, and I mean humid. I was soaking through my shirt. I had been walking around for at least three hours with my camera taking pictures. It was about my eighth day in China. I had finally begun to "fit in." I decided to let my "Jersey" attitude take over because on my second day there, some shady characters posing as, now get this, Interpol Agents, I think tried to get close enough to me to steal my camera. Luckily, I have a leather strap that attaches the camera to my wrist and I think they saw it and when I asked to see their identification again, they sped off in their car. From that point on, I acted like I was a journalist who was stationed in China and not a tourist. Amazing what attitude can do. My fifteen years of performing improvisation helped as well. The stand smelled of fresh produce, fruit, humidity, and sadly, probably pollution. But it still was very exciting. I was very thrilled about being able to create this photo. I knew that I would have to do some work to capture the details in the shadows which I did in post production digital darkroom work. There is no shortage of photographs to be taken in China. Around every corner is an image waiting to be captured. I don't know if you've seen my China series, I'm proud of that work. They were featured in my first gallery show last year. Thanks for stopping by and your wonderful comment.

Laurie Effinger - Spring Texas
Wow I found out the hard way that it is no easy task to take a great photo in the dark! LOL..You nailed it! I have seen your China Series and I was green with envy! (In a good way)...I would love to be traveling the world. "The secret" claims that if I send out the intention to the universe it will happen! :-) HELLO UNIVERSE?!?! CAN YOU HEAR ME!?!? haha Laurie

Paul Chepikian
I'll help get the message out to the Universe for you as well! Let's get you somewhere exotic so you can capture those images. But in the meantime, there are images to be had all around us wherever we are. Your portfolio is proof of that.

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