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Gallery: China

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Published: Friday 10th of February 2006 12:48:35 AM


Paul Chepikian
Hi Fredrick: Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. It is true, isn't it, that it's so objective. If I cropped in tighter, I may have to exclude the woman and dog. To the right, I would have to crop into the basket. Hmm, decisions, decisions. Once again, thanks for the input and I'm very happy I've inspired you. Can't beat that!

Alec Eiffel
Hi Paul,
To me it looks either you were too far or too near. I'd have made a far shot to isolate those workers in a dark street, and a second one very close to the people with the street in the background. This is just a matter of personal taste, I think you really succeeded in conveying the mood of this street in the late night. It just gave me some ideas.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Nick: I've yet to go through the rest of my images from there. I was there a year ago and I'm still going through them. I'm thinking this upcoming gallery exhibit in September might be the shots from China. Now of course, I'm distracted by the images from New York, arrgghhhhhh! Thanks for responding.

Nick Left
Wow Paul, I spent the last half hour in China with this and other wonderfull pictures you made there. Thank you for sharing!

Paul Chepikian
Working all Night Another in the series from China. These people worked all night: I assume to be ready for the next days work. Comments, observations, suggestions and critiques are all welcome.

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