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by Chepikian Paul

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Published: Friday 10th of February 2006 12:47:22 AM


Angela Martin
MUST HAVE! Yes, tell your wife that you MUST HAVE the polarizer!! But listen, you don't have to buy one for each lens. Buy a circular polarizer for the lens with the largest filter diameter. Then buy a step-up ring for the smaller lens so you can use the same polarizer on it. You can get both at B&H Photo. Enjoy!

Angela Martin
I think this shot would have benefited from a polarizer, but I like it anyway.

Paul Chepikian
Angela, you are soooo right! I was just telling my wife earlier that I may have to spend some cash for just what you suggested. It's going to cost me because I have to get both a polarizer and a neutral density filter for two different lenses. Yikes! But it will be well worth it! Thanks again for the input.

hani moustafa
fantastic it's a magical take. thank you..

Paul Chepikian
Let me just say, duh??? Of course! I'd forgotten that old trick. Thanks!

Paul Chepikian
Droplets Coi in a pond, another staple of photographers, including me. Hopefully this is just a bit different. Personally, I like the droplets on the leaves. To see greater detail, view in larger view. Comments, suggestions, critiques, observations are all welcome.

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