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Published: Thursday 9th of February 2006 12:05:44 PM


Ransford Pyle
At first glance, I wasn't sure I liked this, but found it more intriguing the longer I looked. I would call this genre "urban poetry" because the imagery has a literal aspect (as opposed to "journalistic," "documentary," or "picturesque" urban)

Paul Chepikian
Hi Ransford: Good to hear from you. It's funny that you've come across this photo and commented on it. It's actually a test of a work in progress. You're description of it is very accurate. I wish I had a longer lens to create even more flatness to the image. This is the type of image that needs many attempts before the right one comes along. I hadn't planned on the car being in the shot as the plane went by but that's the luck o' the draw. My goal was to try and capture the plane just over the intersection and the car just happend to be there at the same time. In addition, I had to be very careful as I am in the middle of the street. This was a test to see if it would work. I would have to go back and make appropriate arrangements to be able to be in the middle of the street, etc. But nonetheless, I'm glad it attracted your attention. I'll stop by your site and see what you've been up to lately as well. Paul

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