Relief Driver Riding Shotgun on an Afghani Big Rig.

by Downs Jim

relief driver riding shotgun on an afghani big rig seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Thursday 9th of February 2006 09:33:51 AM


Alon Eshel
You captured an amazing expression . A bit scary , If look could kill :)

Ben S
if you go black and white you can play more with the different tones. consider this effort, just to give you some ideas.

Jeff Moody
First, thanks for your comments on my work. Judging by YOUR work, you have a lot to teach and I am honored by your words. Second (let the "brown nosing" continue!), what a fantastic shot. Excellent spontenaity (sp), emotion (though as mentioned by someone else, a little on the "scary" side) and composition. For me, you've really captured the rough and rugged lifestyle and outlook on life that are so foreign (at least for me here in the U.S.). Hopefully I'll one day get up the nerve to get some "people" shots like these. Keep posting!

Sarah Underhill
Jim, I would be interested in hearing about your travels thru Afghanistan. It seems you went in 2005? Nice shot of this guy! Great expression.... I have to laugh, I have that same 'scarf' that he is wearing!

Hugh Hill
Hey Jim, great picture of an interesting man. I would love to photograph this region yet due to the hostilities it is still far from safe to do so, I take it you are in the services? Hugh

Jim Downs
A Smile to Die For We stopped at a military checkpoint outside of town on the way to Bamiyan and I got out to stretch my legs. This big rig was passing through the checkpoint in the opposite direction. When I held up my camera in an inquiring manner, he gave a reluctant affirmative nod and I didn't give him a chance to change his mind as it appears he is about to do!

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