I had no idea that my head would end up directly on the orange when I shot this. I had no way of knowing. I realized only after the shot was taken. It is not a Photoshop effect, this was all in camera. It was a long exposure with a flash burst reflected off a white card. The textures in my face are the reflective material on the sign.

by Chepikian Paul

i had no idea that my head would end up directly o seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Thursday 9th of February 2006 05:09:35 AM


Stu Porter
Unique !! Hi Paul, I had a very enjoyable look thru all your photos, you have an amazing eye for variety and composition... really like this shot too for the unique and unpredicted factor.. excellent stuff !

Pauline Easter
Amazing! I use PhotoShop a great deal to create composites but this takes the cake right from the camera!

Paul Chepikian
I wish I had an answer for you John. I asked myself that same question. If you look at the other variations of this image, you'll see that none of the others have lettering either. If I'm not mistaken it's a sign in front of a guard rail and I think it merely points out the guard rail as opposed to anything specific. Or it's simply empty so that it would capture this image :-) Thanks for the kind words.

John Mitchell
Excellent self portrait. Why were there no words or symbols on the sign?

Paul Chepikian
Self Portrait I was totally unaware that my head would end up where it did. I know I'd be in the picture but was pleasently surprised to see this. This is not a Photoshop effect. This was done in the camera. It was a bulb setting and I set the flash off manually in my hand. the rest is reflected light from passing traffic. The textures in my face are the reflective material in the sign post. This was part of a series I was doing. You can visit the site if you want to see more. Thanks in advance for comments, suggestions, observations, critiques and ratings.

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