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by Peri John

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Published: Wednesday 8th of February 2006 01:45:19 PM


wesley seeger
philosophical viewpoints aside.....the cropping of the photo at the ankles with the BOLD border gives the model the model the look of wearing black ankle socks, which detracts from the photo. perhaps should have cropped at the knees or below the feet.

Mona Chrome
Actually, I do think it appropriate to address this issue here on line. You made a statement as to what was behind your work, i asked why you felt that way. It seems you like to avoid discussing real issues and to dismiss or to trivialize alternative viewpoints or things you don't want to discuss. I joined PN to discuss issues and photos in an open forum. I think motivation is a "real" issue, especially when it is put forth in writing by the creator of the work. It is unfortunate that you do not seem to have the ability to discuss such things. Your unwillingness to do so just leads me to believe that those were just words and have nothing to do with your actual motivation to do your work.

David McCracken
Off topic...... I am curious to know if you spend more money on film or champagne. Nice photo John!

John Peri
I will not be drawn into an exchange of petty insults, as you attempt to do above. As you rightly imply, there is a forum for discussing issues on PN. This is not it. Otherwise, I have answered you at length already and offered to correspond with you privately if you wished, which you ignored. That says it all.

John Peri
Richard, you express it very well. We have all shared apartments with members of the opposite sex at one stage in our lives, whether family or not. What I try to do often is to photograph young women as they are when they feel at ease in familiar surroundings (she was swaying to the music - does the model look at ease in this photo?), which may contrast with some of the magnificent, but more formal work that appears elsewhere on this site. I find it interesting and the models too, or they wouldn't do it. With time, I have discovered that a recurrent theme emerges among the "Champagne friends" that I have made, as you rightly call them. It is a sense of freedom from constraint that is experienced through participating in a photographic session, which starts with taking the photos and ends up with choosing the final prints together. As a result, some of the girls allow me to post their pictures. If I explain it badly in the few lines that one can use here, or if people find it weird, incomprehensible or whatsoever, I cannot help them. They are free to read whatever motives they desire in my work. I would suggest that one does not bother and look at the photos instead, which is what PN is really for. If people want to exercise their intellectual prowess and abilities to argue, there are other sites better suited for that on the net with willing partners on it.

John Peri
Mona, it's not a question of motivation or convincing anyone of anything. Most of us try to find a niche for ourselves in photography, and this is mine. As I have done several times over the past two years, and also on my front page since long ago, I explain it once again above. My feeling is that this approach allows me to get a slightly different perspective out of an old and battered subject. Some will agree and be able to identify with it, others not, no problem. Still others, albeit seemingly few, appear to resent this on occasions, possibly because it may sometimes elicit a response which their more classical approach does not. I repeat, this is just another nude standing in a doorway. As such it has no interest and I would rate it average at best. What you may consider more original and the reason why I post it however is that she is at ease, drinking a glass of Champagne and obviously enjoying herself. Hopefully, it shows, though everyone may not see it. That is what I wanted to point out, particularly to those like yourself who apparently have only joined PN three weeks ago! I think that the others that know my work already understand it. Many thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

Mona Chrome
I stopped to see what this photo was about and became pretty interested in your comment, more than the photo. Looking at your portfolio, you indeed know how to expose a photo, but I would agree that you are not breaking any ground in photography or the genre. I do wonder though why you feel a need to convince others of anything. Many of your models are already "well manicured", which would seem to indicate that they have a certain level of self image already. I just find such motivations rather curious.

John Peri
Mona, I apologize for misreading the date of your inscription to Photo net, that was clumsy of me (amazingly I still haven't got used to 2006!), From time to time, I give a few words of background for the friends I have made on PN that follow my work and enjoy it. If one likes it, that's great, if not, there is an unlimited amount of other material that one can look at and discuss elsewhere on the site. Nevertheless, I think it is a mistake to confuse humility with weakness, as also modesty with stupidity. Contrary to what you imply, I have no interest in defending here any point of view, least of all my own. Now if you really want to satisfy your curiosity, I suggest that you write to me in private. As you well know after being on PN for a year, this discussion is of no interest to others members of the site and I will not debate it here any further, other than with the curtesy responses to other comments made below.

Stephen Merchant
Very Nice...One of my favorites.... Stephen

Artur Cansino
What Matters Great shot John....and after reading your reply to Mona....I can only support your cause. In the end I have faced day in day out situations that you have mentioned in regards to what some hold as a cherished domain...whilst others... only excuse is to get their rocks off. In the end to use that cliché®®..You can only please some of the people some of the time...and not all of the people all of the time....I am just glad to see that you fall in that part of 'some of the people'.

Mona Chrome
As I said, my interest was in what "you said" about your work. You said "but in convincing these models that their beauty..." This is the quote I was responding to which sounds like you are trying to convince someone of something. As to classic or whatever, these are your words. I never said anything about classic or otherwise. Classic nudes rarely add to the genre, or to photography in general, either. I also don't think I ever said I don't understand your photography, I only addressed your statement. Finally, calm down and read carefully, I have been a member of PN for over 1 year, not that I see how that is relevant in any case. All in all, I sense a bit of defensiveness, and what appears to be over "your" issues, not mine. My question was an honest one, as I was trying to understand why you were taking on such a role, or felt like you needed to take on the role of "convincing etc" (your quote). And now you seem to be denying the stated reason behind your work.

John Peri
Tommy, many thanks. Someone wrote to me yesterday and said that my work had improved over time. That is the biggest compliment that I could receive. If I post so much of my work, knowing perfectly well that some of it is sub-standard, it is in order to get the invaluable feedback that I receive on PN and study it. All remarks are useful. I kept looking at the photo above and I ended up seeing black socks on my model also. The frame is gone !! Incidentally, I wonder if some of the critics are only posting what they believe to be their best work. Interesting.

David Blair
I think there is a little too much sanctamony going on. John, this is indeed another nude standing in a door. It's not the best of this so called "genre" (of nudes in doors), but then, it's not the worst. What it is indeed is average. Her pose seems a bit awkward, but she is trully comfortable in her skin. Maybe some of that Australian Shiraz may add another dimension the champagne lacks.

John Peri
It looks a bit weird cutt off below the knees, maybe below the feet then (or no black border?). I do in fact have a couple full length, but I prefered the expression here. Thank you Wesley.

tommy culbreth
don't swat the bugs john. just go inside! in the end, john, some people like your work, some don't. some like some of your work, some none. that is probably the way it will always be because that is the way its aways been! but!! i wan t to know how in the world a black border on this picture distracts from that beautiful model?? of course, i only know what i like.

Alberto Quintal
Very good, lovely model. Cheers. Alberto.

John Peri
A woman's right to express herself So just another nude standing in the doorway, and why is she posted then? Because each of these photos is a study of a modern young lady that has decided to express her pride in who she is and not what others have always wanted her to be. My contribution, if any, is not in provoking any photographic breakthrough, but in convincing these models that their beauty is not something to be hidden but to be proud of. Many in the past have identified with my approach, others not. I think that there is sufficient space for both.

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