Tunisian Gentleman Riding to Town.

by Downs Jim

tunisian gentleman riding to town shephard tunisia seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: Africa - Tunisia 12/04 & 1/05

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Published: Wednesday 8th of February 2006 06:38:45 AM


Jamie Kraft
Very nice one. The bits that should be sharp seem to be sharp. Love the Adidias socks. Tiny modern intrusions often cement the authenticity of photos of more traditional cultures. Did you lighten the face? I don't think it needed it, and I think it would be more effective if it weren't quite so "in your face." (I'm going straight to hell for that pun.)

Jim Downs
Jamie, I think I did lighten face. I was fairly new to PS when I did the post processing for this and probably should go back for another try. Thanks for the tips and, I hadn't noticed the contemporary socks! GJ

Jamie Kraft
It's certainly worth it!

Jim Downs
Shooting from the car. I saw this donkey rider approaching from the opposite direction on a lonely country road in Tunisia. The rider gave a feint smile and nodded his assent when I held up the camera. However, I was still in the car and he showed no inclination to slow down or stop for a portrait. Thus, with no examination of the camera settings, I composed it as best I could and this is what I got minus a little cropping.

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