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Published: Tuesday 7th of February 2006 06:59:40 PM


John Peri
Keith, the criticism is no problem at all, however extremist a view may be, but why say it in such a bitter way. That's what is disappointing.

Sharon Jobe
Just so lovely... John, this is so feminine. So tender and gentle. Oh the lighting is incredible, she glows. And the peace and serenity she shows has a calming effect on the viewer. I just went thru your portfolio again, and read the remark you refer to. Your response is award winning writing, and an example of how reasonable and secure men react to unfounded critical remarks. You're a prince.

Alon Eshel
Beautiful portrait , I love the calm expression on here face

John Peri
Thank you Sharon. Possibly, I Should not have referred to it, but I guess it was a moment of frustration. Thank you again. Glad you like the photo also. She's such a lovely person.

Dennis Barnett
This is my favorite John Peri photograph. There's a naturalness and beauty of the model that draws me in, and your soft lighting brings it out. I only find the yellow a bit heavy-handed and distracting, it looks a bit Photoshop-y. Regarding that negative feedback; I do find his comments a bit inappropriate to post on the site; most of it should be done privately. His words, however, are consistent with the language that he's left for others. I suppose I do agree with one of his thoughts (but in a much more postive light!): While you have many excellent photographs in your gallery, the sheer quantity of your photos can be daunting. I know my opinion is but one of a thousand, but I would suggest editing your site to your strongest studies. This is not to be taken negatively, but as a positive comment for the strength of your work.

John Peri
... as for the strange colouring, it is due to a composite that I made for the model ...

Amar Khoday
John, I think this model is one of your most expressive and I always enjoy your work with her. The toning in the main image doesn't work for me. However in your composite image, I rather like the tonings in the centre and left images.

Alan Ballinger
John: Gratuitous? I think I've seen every photo in your portfolio and I have yet to find anything gratuitous. What I do see is your talent in capturing the mood of your models, and your technical excellence. In fact, you and Alex Lee are the reason I joined PN. I greatly admire your work and would be thrilled if I could do half as good a job. What you do for a newbie like me is show me how much I have to learn, and how great the rewards can be if I keep working at it. Thanks.

Alon Eshel
John Dear John . I saw what Mr' Kats wrote and I'm still shocked . I have never seen before such an insulting , full of Bitterness remark . I cant understand it and where its coming from . Well , just don't pay any attention . I know your work is excellent and many other appreciate your work as well and that's what really important . Best regards - Alon

John Peri
How kind Alan, thank you.

John Peri
Parvin, Alon, glad you like it, thank you. I have just been left a very bitter remark under my portfolio by someone that feels that all my efforts are gratuitous. I guess it's the support of people like yourselves that make this all worthwile. Thank you once again.

parvin dabas
love the tones

John Peri
Thanks Dennis, and I do understand your point. I don't have any other means of showing my work to the editors, and that is in large part why I leave my photos there, after they have been commented on. The day I create my own Web page, that problem will be solved though, once again, I did remove over a hundred photos in December, including all of my mother and daughter series.

James Baeza
John. I like the pose. The image to the left draws me in more. I prefer the richer flesh tones. I do see gratuitous work in the photo.net nudes section. None of it is yours. As with any artist, not 100% of your work is appealing to me though all of it is tastefull and well done. I thank you for sharing in the photo.net way. I find your porfolio beautiful and a fine resource in the pursuit of my photographic studies. This is what photo.net is all about... right? Cheers.

jf d
the moment is captured! don't respond to insult John! 0.0000...% is less than nothing, but only insulting himself or try to attrack visitors on his page...

Ronald Marshall - Brisbane Australia
A very nice study of a beautiful woman.

Lucas C
John, really like the tones in this picture, and the expression on her face is very nice. Of all of your great models, I have to say that this one is definitely my favorite...hope she keeps coming back for you to work your camera magic.

John Peri
Thanks Alain, I think you understand the light spirit in which I would like my photos to be considered.

Kaushik Chatterjee
"I have just been left a very bitter remark under my portfolio by someone that feels that all my efforts are gratuitous."

Never feel sorry. It's a part of the life. Someone can rebuff your work by his or her feelings. That doesn't prove the ultimate. Actually, for someone its all time favorite to critique negatively to the masters to get themselves into the limelight. (I don't mean that all the negative comments are for the same reasons) If you seriously go through the portfolio of that person and have a look into his "Photos rated highest by this member" then I'm sure you will be much more relaxed. Who dares to deny the quality of your work should have carry a respectful portfolio in his or her own.
Lastly some mathematical calculations for you:

No.1. Till now 9625 visits since 6th January 06. That means over 300 visitors per day.(We can only dream about...)
No. 2. Most Interesting People List Rating 3476, Position No.1.(We can only hope about...)
No. 3. Received 26766 ratings of which more than 4000 ratings are 7/7. (We can only think about...)

Does it prove that all the PN Members who rated you in that manner are all fool? I do respect you as a photographer and believe I'm not alone here in PN to do that.
We love your work. Just Keep shooting and smile.
We promise, we will smile with you.
My Best Wishes and Regards to you.

Alain Lechat
Adorable As usual... John Maybe "usual" is not the adequate word, because I don't get "used" to your style. And it is again and again a refreshing experience to browse your work. Mr. Kats has nothing in common with cats ( or le chat ). Les chats adorent cette ambiance de charme et de tendresse contenue dans tes photos. Amicalement.

John Peri
Thank you Kaushik, I appreciate your loyalty and kindness. The numbers that you site however are a little embarrassing, as by far the largest part is due to the models that grace these pages and not to me. As for negative criticism, I am not at all opposed to it, on the contrary, it is one major reason why I post my images on PN. I wrote under the person's comment that I was pleased to add such a negative view to the others. What I object to is the petty and offensive manner in which it is expressed.

John Peri
... as long as it remains in French!

kevin farrell
Alain, Chacun cherche son chat. John, Nice.

John Peri
Portrait .

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