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Published: Tuesday 7th of February 2006 09:54:50 AM


Rui Costa
Reflects imagination I like the way buildings are reflected on the Morris (upwards and downwards) and the way the almost join in the middle on top. The private parking sign on the wall looks great and even the photographer on the scene looks discrete enough. I think you got a kind of Abstract/City Landscape/Object photograph here. Great work Paul

Barry F - Oklahoma
Usually, when photographing an automobile, the problem is that there are too many reflections (buildings, people, other cars, etc), but the reflections actually make the shot on this one. Very good use of what's available. Great shot. Cheers.

Paul Chepikian
Thank you, guys. I feel like I'm taking a risk when photographing reflections on cars. It's a staple of photographers. I thought this one may be just a littlE different. And the fact that, as you mentioned, my reflection is minimal. I also like the fact that as centered as the image is, the reflections and distortions make it appear not so. I can probably crop out the grill and still have an interesting square image. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Shawn Shawhan
I would have cropped this to show only the chrome below the word Morris, thus eliminated the grill and front bumper. Also, it is my preference to not have printed words in the reflection, but that is my own personal choice. 5/5

Paul Chepikian
Morris I always feel like we take a risk when photographing reflections in/on car hoods and car parts. It's such a staple of photography. But then again, I tried to make this one a bit more unique. Lots of various ways to crop this one. I tried to minimize my own reflection in the shot. Thanks in advance for comments, critiques, observations, suggestions, etc.

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