"Splitting the Seam"

by Tsoi Wilson

splitting the seam seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 6th of February 2006 09:37:27 PM


Howard Dion
Rates up there in your sports shots. Wils, you are really good at this.

John Seward
Crisp and clear as a bell, as usual. Thumbs up!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Beautiful catch! I thought about you as I watched the Super Bowl. Seattle looked like they were a sure winner :( I was hoping you were somewhere down on the side lines taking photos!!!!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
D2X, 85 f1.4, custom WB, manual exposure at 1/400 wide open, ISO-800, hand-held.

You used manual exposure, but did you use manual focus? Do you leave your camera SET at f1.4, 1/400, ISO800 and just shoot away at all of the possible shots?

I'm asking because, as you know I tried some baseball shots this past summer. And now, our students are playing basketball, and I get to stand on the sidelines (as a "chaperone") and I'm taking pics while I'm there. I use a monopod (my hands are horribly unsteady). But I haven't gotten many that are any good.

What lens were you using? Any other insights into these wonderful sports shots that you take would be greatly appreciated!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, JOHN: Very glad you like it. HOWARD: Thanks for your vote of confidence. JAYME: Thanks for thinking about me. One of these days, one of these days . . . LOU ANN: That's it, Lou Ann. It's pretty much a matter of getting the light reading, set correct white balance, and keep the shutter speed up at around 1/400 minimum. If there's good light, you'll be able to use f2.8 lenses or slower, but if light is dim, you'll have to either go with faster lenses and/or crank up ISO to 1600 or even 3200. You can cheat by under exposing around 2/3 of a stop, but it'll still be very noisy when you bring back shadow detail. As for monopod, I feel that it gets in the way more than helps. At 1/400 sec. you should be able to totally eliminate the effect of shaky hands unless you shoot with a lens longer than 200mm. Try it out. You can do it. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Ricky, "Splitting the Seam" Shoreline guard Ricky Washington (#12) drives between Edmonds guards Jeffrey Burns (#3) and Wilmoth John-Baptiste (#13) in a NWAACC league game. Dophins overcome a double-digit defecit to win 102-99.

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