Lady Bug

by Chepikian Paul

lady bug seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Monday 6th of February 2006 10:27:44 AM


B.C Okmen
this is such a wonderful picture with great light,color and sharpness.Congrats my friend.

Pauline Easter
Very nice!

D. Munteanu
I can't go over a lady bug shot without smiling and feeling some sort of naive joy, simply by looking at this little creature and appreciating that someone took the time to capture it on camera - I think I've made tens of comments on similar shots, but I never get tired.

A minor technical remark: the leaf seems very sharp/in-focus, while the lady bug's a little blurred. I think I'd have liked it more the other way around. Anyhow, a cute image.

Paul Chepikian
Thank you, D. Munteanu: I too couldn't resist. As I mention in my description, it is a rather cliche shot but there was the little fellow and, well, he was begging to be photographed. I agree about the focus though I wish I could have gotten both the lead and the lady bug in focus. I can't seem to recall but I think it was a very shallow depth of field and I don't think I had the appropriate lens. Ooops! Excuses :-) I seem to recall the spots on his back being rather soft but I don't think the rest of him was that soft. But as you said, for what it is, it's alright. Thank you for the comment. I visited your site very quickly but I plan on going back to give it the time it deserves and leave a comment on what appears to be some wonderful work, Best to you...

Paul Chepikian
Little Red Thing with Black Dots on Bigger Green Thing Well, I figured I wasn't anywhere near a piano keyboard so I thought... I say that jokingly because I've seen so many posters with Lady Bugs on piano keys. This one happened to be hanging out in the yard. I have to confess, part of the leaf was eaten and brown but just a little Photoshop repaired it. Pretty traditional image but I couldn't resist. All comments, observations, critiques, suggestions are always welcome.

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