Upside Down Helmet

by Chepikian Paul

upside down helmet seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Monday 6th of February 2006 08:36:17 AM


Paul Chepikian
Hi Paul: Thanks for the comment. The truth is, in most of these situations, I don't know what eventually happens to the victims. I know in this case, he was airlifted to an ER. I make it a point to never photograph the victims. I like to keep this part of my work very styilized and not very graphic. My reasons for shooting these images are numerous. An important one is to convey to an audience what these men and women deal with every day and night. Most people have no clue. I make my images available to law enforcemnt, fireman and paramedics free of charge. It's one way I can say thank you for the job they do and allow me to record the events. Once again, thanks for the comment. If you view the rest, let me know what you think.

B.C Okmen
a brilliant capture of a tragic situation,congrats Paul.

Paul Haase
Sad ?? This is a supurb shot. I just hope it ism't as trajic as it would seem. -Paul

Paul Chepikian
Upside Down Helmet Part of a series. If you'd like to see the others, please visit the portfolio or the presentation. Looking forward to comments, suggestion, critiques and observations. Thanks in advance.

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