One in a series of fruits and vegetables for poster design.

by Chepikian Paul

one in a series of fruits and vegetables for poste seeking critique chepikian paul

Gallery: Fruits / Vegetables

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Studio

Published: Sunday 5th of February 2006 10:15:22 AM


Ivan Colman
It is a pity that some parts of the peppers are overexposed. The white, bright background is a great idea, but the exposure time should be adapted for this background

Paul Chepikian
Thanks for taking a peek, Ivan. Actually, I rushed to get this done and uploaded, if I'm not mistaken, the actual image file is probably not overexposed. This was just poor technique on my part. I got busted! I'll check the file and maybe upload a "proper" image. Thanks Ivan! Good eye!

Paul Chepikian
One in a series... This was one in series of fruits and vegetables that became framed art and posters. It was photographed on a light table. Comments, observations, critiques all welcome. Thanks!

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