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Gallery: Experiments with time exposure

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Published: Saturday 4th of February 2006 09:45:32 AM


Paul Chepikian
That's a wonderful idea, Alin. I may try that. As I said, these were my experiments. In both shots, I like the reflection in the car window.

Alin Balanean
If were in a natural open space with trees it will be like a magic fairy trail.

florian r.
Hi Paul, finally i found you. ive seen this shot in january and was pretty inspired by the idea. i thought it over, wasnt able to forget it and finally did a series using this trick, hope you dont mind. maybe you want to check out what happened to your idea, in my pf. i received fabulous ratings on these shots. i wouldve pointed out that i was inspired by this shot, but i forgot who took it, so i couldnt. very good portfolio by the way, i like your versatilioty, sth. i want to achieve, too. best regards from austria fr.

Paul Chepikian
Vrindavan: Thanks for visitng the site and also for leaving your comments. They are greatly apprciated. Not everyone takes the time... I look forward to returning the courtesy and taking a look at your work as well. With almost 1,500 images, I shall truly enjoy the experience. Please accept this as my thank you for the three comments you left. Once again, thanks! I look forward to more correspondence. Be well...

Randy Martin
THANKYOU thanks so much for the image attatchment....i am an ameture....so not highly experienced... i started in the end of 2006...but i have been very dedicated i take my camera out wiht me everyday and use it at least everyother day...i love it...The reason i didnt enhance the shutter speed was i was playing with some elses camera...canon eos 20d and im not used to all the extra functions...im used to my little s5200 wich i love but ya like i said i wasnt used the lens, the camera, nor the functions... Now im to this picture i saw it about 2 months ago and i was just stunned and amazed and always meant to come back to it but never did now im here it really stick out in your portfolio. The only shame is the noise. Its a bit grainy and noisy but besides that this is a favorite of mine. I check up on your stuff quite often.:) thankyou for any suggestions you have for me ill accept them all. Keep up the good work

Paul Chepikian
Circle of Light Long exposure tests done some time ago...

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