Soul and Sole Study on the Train Tracks

by Downs Jim

soul and sole study on the train tracks tunisia seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: Africa - Tunisia 12/04 & 1/05

Tags: tunisia seeking critique

Category: Travel

Published: Saturday 4th of February 2006 05:17:40 AM


Bram Meijer
I like it Good portret, the square frame helps. Well done. Bram

Baerbel Kavanaugh
Great capture! A wonderful and humorous portrait - and title! Very nice. :)

Julie Styles
I like this portrait a lot - his attitude is very interesting - I can't quite make out what he's thinking, but I like that he's relaxed. I find the background a little washed out, and wondered how it would look darkened a little, masking the guy. I'm attaching a version to show what I mean - just an idea for directions to explore in alternate presentations, depending on individual taste. Nice shot!

Fernando Ochoa Olivares
6/6 very nice portrait

Jim Downs
King of the Rails Hobo Thanks.

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