Magoito - Sintra - Portugal

by Gilberto Pedro

magoito sintra portugal gilberto pedro

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Published: Wednesday 24th of October 2001 02:13:04 PM


Austin DenHerder
Aesthetics 10, Originality 10 I would like to say NICE work!!! You have talent as a photographer. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed looking at your photos. P.S. If you would take a look at my photos and rate them if you would please I like to here what others have to say and what they think of the photosÂ… Good luck and keep shooting you have talent.

Dave Bazzel
Nice shot! Nice light and capture of the emotion of the scene. I would have rated it higher except I think the picture needs to be cropped to eliminate the foot prints. This would be easily done and still have a strong photo fortunately.

E Karp
Great shot. I agree with Dave, I think that cropping just above the foot prints would improve the picture.

Greg Lyon
So I was about to comment that it's a great photo but the area below the footprints detracts...I guess that's a popular thought! I'd also like to see a bit more above the top of the frame. Did you happen to take another composition.

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