ZD 136

by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 2nd of February 2006 04:05:14 PM


Reza Shadpay
Like your other photos. What we can say?! Beauty is Beauty, specially when you capture it. Thank you John, till you are in Photo.net, other members never be tired! ;p

Kelvin Bernard
Her Hidden Talent? ...I love this John. It is vintage John Peri. Her lovely facial detail contrasts nicely with the overall softness of the image. I believe she would be justly proud of the results. Can't believe she was never photographed before! This photo also reminds me of a beautiful series of colour photos taken by Mario Testino for the 2001 Pirelli Calender. Well done. Regards, Kelvin.

Pawel Sawicki
Tempting pose and loog. Great capture and mix of dark and white elements.

Dave Gardner
John...beautiful shot...she'll be very happy. Dave

parvin dabas
well,she should be anxious no more.great pic.very relaxed and classy.

John Peri
Thank you Kelvin and the others, I'm glad you liked it.

John Peri
Not too sure that I understand this one. What category should it be in?

John Peri
Other side of the lens .. Just a portrait of a wonderful young lady, very artistic, that I took some photos of when she visited. She had not been photographed before and was anxious to know how she would turn out ..

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