Manipuri Dance

by Sircar A.K.

manipuri dance sircar ak

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Published: Thursday 2nd of February 2006 10:25:59 AM


Andrea Endisch
they look like puppets, enjoyable and colorful. I just would wish a bit more free space at the top. Regards!

Javed Rassi
very good colors, detail and subjects. At first I thought this was a reflection, nice capture.

A.K. Sircar
Birte,Andrea,Salvatore,Amar,Javed & Alix Many thanks for your viewing and feedback. Salvatore ,I agree with you.There should have been more space on the top. But I composed that way to avoid lights and microphones dangling from above. I am uploading another image, where I have kept proper space all around and cloned the distractions.

Alec Ee
Both are very nice Sircar but the composition for the B&W is really excellent.

A.K. Sircar
Manipuri Dance Two young girls performing Manipuri Dance. Manipuri is the classical dance form of very high artistic and technical standard from North East Indian State of Manipur. This image was taken without using tripod or flash,sitting near the stage. The girls are studying in KG class.

Pulok Pattanayak
Like a lot natural expression of those kids. Very colourful image. Regards...

Birte Ragland
Very nice shot, and so colourful.

alexandra rauh
I like the position Amal,how the two girls working close together,could even be more tider cropped,accept the hands above,I like how they almost get one piece.Great color.

Salvatore Mele
AK, there is something which I like a lot, here, and it is the tension between the girls. The one to the right is talking -with her eyes- to the one to the left... a real magnet for the viewer of the image. This is even more important since we find these eyes in the midst of all this beautiful splash of colours. The black background works well for you to enhance the colorful arrangements. I am puzzled by the square crop you have adopted... where did you have the rest of the space? To the top? A bit would be a good addition to the image: I fear the hand of the girl to the left are a tad too close to the frame. I am not really sure this works in the square for me, with all the negative space to the back of the right dancer...that's one of the times where I would have liked the same amount of space both to the left and to the right. Hope this helps.

Jonaki Bhattacharya
Manipuri Dance Because they are so young, they are totally involved in their dance, and not in their surroundings, and that comes out clearly. The black and white version is very nice,too.

Amrit Chatterjee
I can visualise the problem of close cropping on the top since you wanted to avoid the microphones hanging there but the balck background really acentuates the bright dresses of the little dancers.The B&W picture is also very appealing

Amar Khoday
Cute image of these two girls. However, I wish the crop was a little less tight at the top of the image.

Pnina Evental
Amal, there is something very innocent and appealing in the two girls. on the thumbnail I really thougt they are dolls.I like the face and childish movement,( yes it was said already, more space on the upper part) as well as the texture of the dresses on the black bg. very nice. Pnina

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