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Published: Wednesday 1st of February 2006 10:29:22 AM


Paul Chepikian
Hi Will: Here is the info on the photo. It was actually underexposed because as we were getting ready for the next shot, I saw this image taking place as Jenn was getting ready. I raised the camera and clicked. Didn't have too much time. I ended up having to play with the image to get this. I love her focus (no pun intended). Shutter: 1/250 - Aperature: 5.6 - Manual Exposure - Focal Length: 85mm - ISO:100. Thanks, look forward to seeing more images from you.

Will King
Paul, hope you're not offended by this, but I think this portraist is way too sharp for how close you are. I think if you are shooting a lady, you want to flatter her and not expose every single pore she has on her face. She looks like a beautiful lady but I think the shot is too sharp. I hope you don't mind but I altered your photo to show you what I did. In PS, create a duplicate layer. Apply a slight glaussian blur, use the erase tool on the eyes, hair and lips to keep them sharp.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks guys! I really appreciate the input. And thanks to you, Will, for taking the time to send me the altered sample. As I always say, it's all subjective. I think what you're trying to convey in an image is what dictates the path you take. If you visit my portrait section, you'll see some images with a softer quality. The sharpness was intentional on my part as I wasn't trying to hide who Jenn is but rather who she actually is, pores and all. It all comes down to intent. She's an actress and her head shots are quiet different than these personal shots I took of her. But nonetheless, point well taken. Once again, thanks for the input. Not many of us take the time.

Craig Ferguson
I agree with Will.

Will King
Paul, no problem. If accuracy was your intent, than this is a great photo. I just assumed, (which I do far too often) that you were taking a portrait to show this beautiful women's face. Not that she is not beautiful with all the details, but usually women are better suited in a softer sense. But as you stated that was not your intent and I can respect that. Can I ask what aperture you shot this at?

Will King
Thanks for the info Paul.

Paul Chepikian
Jenn 4 This is another in a series of Jenn. I love this one because of the expression. As always, thanks in advance for comments.

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