Camera Boom Swing

by Chepikian Paul

camera boom swing seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Wednesday 1st of February 2006 08:47:57 AM


Craig Ferguson
Very original, well done.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks, Craig: It took a couple of tries, panning my camera with the boom and the video camera, and setting off the flash to get it just right. I only wish I could have been up a bit higher to have the boom mid frame. The only way to have done that would have been to hang off the balcony which I'm pretty sure would have had me kicked out of the theater.

Paul Chepikian
Camera Boom We've all the seen it on television, that shot when we fly over the audience. Well, here's how it's done. We were doing a 5 camera shoot of a 50's style rock and roll concert and we hired the boom and boom operator. The camera was set up in a balcony and swung over the audience. We also had three stationary cameras and a Steadicam. All switching live!!! I thought this would be a good promo piece. Comments always welcome. Thanks in advance.

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