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Published: Wednesday 1st of February 2006 05:43:46 AM


Paul Chepikian
Thanks for the comment Adnan! Sadly, the ear rings and other jewlery were what the client was selling :-( But I agree, I wish I had the time to shoot Jessica without them. Lucky for me, they didn't want the "merchandise" to be the highlight which is why they're soft... What I wouldn't do not to have "clients."

Rob Wray
Stunning photo This is a stunning image. every thing about this image is just striking.

Moses P.
Except the earings, everything is so fine; especially sensitive eyes and lips.

Pierfrancesco Caput
7/7. Wow!!Bellissimo. Piero.

Sorin Lazar
gr8 eyes she's a beauty

Christopher Appoldt
Seems to me from the shoot criteria that you did a wonderful job on this. The red background, too, makes this shot.

Rob Wray
Sorry My secod visit and the image looks twice the image I looked at, and twice the rating I gave. I want this one on my wall it's so good!

Paul Chepikian
That's so nice of you, Wray. Just to give you a little background on this. I shot it as an ad for a handmade art store. It's been so successful they have now been using the same image and the ad for over a year. The young lady (Jessica) works there and she's become quite the celebrity. All the young men keep visiting the store to meet her. She'd never posed before. If you saw how little was involved in the shoot, you'd laugh. We set up the red background and the light was the light coming in from the front window of the store. I guess final results are the bottom line, it worked. I'm very proud of this one. Thanks for the kind words.

Rasmus Lindersson
Wonderful eyes, and the red lipstick makes a really nice contrast to her pale face.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks for the comment, Rasmus!

Derrell Spencer
Bravo Zulu! Bravo Zulu! Is a naval term for Well Done. Class 13-70, LAPD Police Academy. Foothill Division, 1971.

Paul Chepikian
That's a helluva compliment, Derrell. Thanks! Let me know what you think of the first responder stuff.

Si Cliff
Superb Portrait love the eyes and lips

Paul Chepikian
Jessica Shot for an ad in a newspaper. Somewhat retouched which I normally don't do a lot of. But it seemed to lend itself to this image. Jessica had never posed before. Thanks in advance for comments, observations and critiques.

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