Garden Hose

by Chepikian Paul

garden hose seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Wednesday 1st of February 2006 05:39:21 AM


Paul Chepikian
Rui: Thank you for the kind words, you made my day. I have been a little under the radar. First from a slight illness and then trying to catch up with all the work caused by the "slight illness." The subject matter in my photography (and if you saw the mess in my office) is very indicative of the way my mind works. Since I was a child, I could be so easily distracted by the latest, newest "shiny object." My attention span is very short. Once I achieve something, it's on to the next thing. This has been a curse and a blessing. However, having just turned 51 (yikes!), I realize this is who I am. I have finally achieved a balance but for the most part, new and shinier objects will always attract my attention. It's good to touch base, Rui. I will be posting new images and visiting other sites in the very near future. Be well...

Rui Costa
Not going to comment the shot itself but I wanted the point-out the fact that in 4 different photos you presented four different styles and all of them with the Paul Chepikian touch all over them - which is a good thing -. First the "Z", a great abstract-architecture-cityscape with strong colors and contrast and the mark of a great eye for detail and particularities. Then there was the "Flower dropplets" that I'm not used to see in your portfolio but still caught my eye before seing your name in front of it. The third one was the "fruit stand in the sun" and this one is clearly your thing. Capturing what the eye really sees is something that I can only find in your shots and probably in John Falkenstein's work. And for last this one. An abstract-with-a-digital-alteration-touch to finnish the show. It's great to see such an "elastic" technical skill. By the's nice to see you posting regularly again. My best regards to you Paul. "See" you around.

Paul Chepikian
Hose Feel free to comment...

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