Red Barn

by Chepikian Paul

red barn seeking critique chepikian paul

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Tags: seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Wednesday 1st of February 2006 05:15:07 AM


Paul Chepikian
Red Barn Early work. The original was taken on a very overcast, dark, rainy day. Honestly, it was not the most dynamic image. Though I normally don't do much manipulating with images digitally, I really like the composition of this image and wanted to see what I could do. I was happy with the results. Once more, I open myself up to the critiques of "digital manipulating." I remind myself however, I don't merely type in the keyboard "fix image," I still have had to shoot the image and have the knowledge and discretion of when and how to use the tool (software). It's sad when I feel I have to defend the work :-)

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