"A Quick Draw"

by Tsoi Wilson

a quick draw seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 1st of February 2006 02:21:40 AM


Keith Clemens
Your choice of DOF has beautifully isolated the focus on the head-to-head contesting of the shot...all others are merely part of the audience. Sweet photo, Wilson. Well done as always.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Oh yeah! Perfect timing (as usual). Wilson I was reading a magazine article about capturing sporting events & stop action. The images they used for examples did not even come close to your images. You definately have a talent for anticipating your shots & capturing them perfectly. Terrific!

John Seward
How much nicer this would have been without #22 in the foreground. Great shot Wilson.

Jim Hayes
Great capture, as usual. Gym lighting can be so tough. I know they have strobes in the ceiling in NBA arenas to help out. f/64

Frank Melchior
lens Looks like my next lens will be an 85 F/1.4, excellent DOF and focus, colors are amazing Wilson. I'm sure you waited untill the ball blocked the light above, BG.

Howard Dion
Your stop action abilities are amazing! I think #22 adds inetest to the shot.

Linda Keagle
I agree with Jayme. You have excellent reflexes for sports photography, Wilson!

Keith Foster
As I have said before Wilson you should be working for teh BBC .

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all comments, KEITH C.: Thanks for your kind words. Glad you like the d.o.f. Well said! GLEN: THanks. JOHN: I know what you meant, but I thought that the person in the forground gives the image some depth. See below for a version without #22. JIM: Thanks, Jim. In this gym, the no-flash rule applies. NBA or Division I arenas have a lot more light from what I've seen. FRANK: I wouldn't stop you from getting the 85mm f1.4. It's a very versatile lens and has become my favorite as of late. HOWARD: Thanks, Howard. I'm glad you like him in the forground. JAYME: Thank you very much for your kind words. Coming from you, it's that much more special! LINDA: Thanks, Linda. Hope you're enjoying the Land Down Under to the max! KEITH F.: Thanks for your vote of confidence! Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Without #22 John, this is the frame before above . . .

Wilson Tsoi
"A Quick Draw" by Derek Laws . . . Shoreline guard Derek Laws (#24) pulls up at top of the key against Everett's defenders. Dolphins down Trojans 101 to 93.

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