Traditional Tunisia

by Downs Jim

traditional tunisia seeking critique downs jim

Gallery: Africa - Tunisia 12/04 & 1/05

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Published: Tuesday 31st of January 2006 07:54:03 AM


Jeff Moody
great colors, nice subject. Not sure if you have enough room to work with, but might rotate it a degree or two to the left?

Resat Suthan
Excellent So nice. Hard to believe it is a photograph. I like the nice pale colors and composition. Maybe a little but very little crop from the buttom part, or cloning out the left buttom corner to remove the darker shadowy area would make this even more balanced. Congratulations.

Pnina Evental
Jim, I see that you are traveling a lot, I love that one, I travel as well to these places that are such interesting cultures.You have a nice collection, Pnina

Rui Costa
... need to answer. Went to details and saw the Sousse reference. Thanks anyway.

Rui Costa
I Miss Tunisia Hi Jim. Sorry for the late question. Was this taken in Sidi Bou Said? In the meantime let me tell you that the photo looks really great.

Cherlyn .
Souse's beautiful windows & doors fascinate me when I was there, they have so sweet colours & lovely design. This is one very good example. Nicely presented, Jim.

Jim Downs
Observations? Thanks.

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