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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 29th of January 2006 06:36:05 PM


Greg Bulla
Funny, I like the cigerette in the shot, gives it character... I also wish she was blowing smoke out. If she was blowing smoke, it would have been better (and still would anyways) for you to leave a little more space on the left side. That would take her off center a bit.. GB

Milo G
Thoughts It's interesting, I can recognize your work before your name has even loaded. That's a compliment by the way.

Al Li
John, she looks like someone that would be such fun to shoot with. I love her look and how you captured her.

Fausto Roim
I was about to say exactly the same...I can sometimes recognize your images before seeing your name on it "oh here comes John again" Simple and very sofisticated...sexy!!!! By the way...can I borrow that model for a shooting? Cheers

David Falk
I like the casual feel of this but I don't like the cigarette, but that problably you tells you more about me than anything.

John Peri
Alex, I met this very charismatic young lady in a coffee bar. I would encourage others also to ask, when they feel that someone would be worth photographing. Of course she expressed surprise at first, but then she said that it would be fun to try, and it was. Amazing that no one ever thought to take a picture of her before. She said that all she had was a passport photo!

John Peri
Hy Pat, I see that you have been photographing some beautiful models lately. I hope the pictures turn out well. Most models allow me to show their photos, but I do choose carefully what to post.

Pat Merz
One of your most beatiful models. I have a similar photo from a nude shoot (which I'm not allowed to show) but in a studio, which makes it look artificial. This image, in "natural" surrounding looks very casual, unposed and therefore sexy. I like it.

John Peri
Cigarette pause .... I asked her not to move for a moment ......

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