Motorbike Melee (re-cropped per critiques)

by Downs Jim

motorbike melee re cropped per critiques taipei taiwan seeking critique downs jim

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Category: Street

Published: Saturday 28th of January 2006 05:17:17 AM


B.C Okmen
great composition and great picture.may be posting it all b&w again might be an idea.congrats

Rebecca Hunt
I like this pic, its way different to all the cliche shots you see out there. Only thing I would do would be to make it completely black and white. Thanks for sharing.

Bill Foster
Absolutely fabulous! I used to live in Naples and I must have tried this kind of shot a dozen times with lines of motorbikes but I never got a good one so I appreciate the artistry in this shot. The crop is better and I second the idea that it would be improved in B&W. I find those few splotches of red to be a bit distracting and they don't really illustrate or show anything essential. Anyway, great job. This is really lovely.

Seven Stuartson
Well isolated from the surrounds; it is interesting because it tells a story.

Ed Harris
I like this cropped version better. It really communicates the chaos of motorbike travel in Asia. I like the few splashes of color in the upper quarter of the image, but I think that they would have been more effective lower in the image.

Sophia Douma
Very good idea!!!excellent composition!!bravo! sophia.

Marc G.
I think this one has the best composition among the few you posted of the same subject matter. Looking through your portfolio's top half of the page, this is the one picture that got my attention immediately - and that's because I can sense you stepped back from reality for a moment here, and what you showed here was not was you saw, but HOW you saw it. This vision here is not immediately given, this reality was assembled: many bikes became a shimmering ocean of bike mirrors, and you are the one who had this good idea. I think you should step back and think a bit the way you did here - for lots of street pictures as well. Ok, you might say: people in the street are fast moving, bikes are not... But in fact, people in the street are just one place at a time, and have a single expression at one single specific moment. So you have the time it takes to step back with them too... You'll miss their first 20 or 30 expressions, but by the time you see their 31st expression, at least you will have discovered who they really are, what their life is like, what you want to tell us about them, and you will even start to be able to anticipate their next movements and expressions - at least to some extent. All this is what helps for better street photographs in my opinion. Best regards, and thanks for your interesting comment on this portrait of mine.

Jim Downs
Mirror, Mirror on the wall... Re-cropped from a portrait to a square composion.

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