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balcony seeking critique chepikian paul

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Published: Friday 27th of January 2006 10:29:21 AM


Ransford Pyle
I like this a lot, especially because I tried something similar, but less effective, nobody on PN liked it so I hid it. Mine was taken in Monterey, CA.

The perspective works very well here and the blue and black corners frame that perspective admirably. I feel that Western sun, so bright and dry.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks so much, Ransford. This is actually one of my favorite shots. It was pretty mundane until I helped it out with Photoshop. Yikes, I've broken some kind of rule I'm sure :-) Actually, If you read my bio, it gives you my feelings about all that "stuff." In my very brief visit to your site, I can see you have a wonderful eye. I will set time aside to go back and explore. Once again, thank you for the kind words. And yes, it was a very sunny, bright, arid day in Pasadena where this image was taken.

Paul Chepikian
Balcony Looking forward to feedback, comments, input, etc. Thanks in advance!

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