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Gallery: First Responder Images

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Published: Friday 27th of January 2006 08:49:35 AM


Doug Bowles
...and you *still* had the chance to get a photo!? You must not have done anything too serious...

Doug Bowles
Sorry...maybe a bad joke. Usually the only people who see a police car from this perspective are the ones trying to get away. Technically not too bad...maybe a bit too much pavement in the foreground, and the fact that you were probably getting bounced around quite a bit likely made the zoom technique difficult to do.

Mel Legget
Hi, Paul. I think it is cool! But, yes, too much foreground, and I think it would still indicate the motion if you cut up to about the shadow line. Cool work!

Mel Legget
Funny! and I see it! Got your note, and thanks...

Paul Chepikian
Here's my giveaway. I have spent so many years in advertising and graphic design that it causes me to think "where will we put the copy/type?" There you have it! These images are sold as Stock Photos and I'm always thinking of the "ad" (aka: sales!). Not so much an excuse as a bad habit. I actually have the exact opposite photo. I'll try and remember to post it. It has the vehicle down low and the the sky and trees above for, you guessed it, copy! Nonetheless, thanks for the observation. Maybe I should put some type on this image that reads "Copy goes here!" :-)

Jason Fudge
Not a fan of Photoshopped blurred images.

Paul Chepikian
Thanks for letting your feelings be known, Jason.

Paul Chepikian
Move! Motion added in post Most of my First Responder Images have extensive manipulation. None of the vehicles in any of the images are actually moving. This type of photography is a real departure for me from everything else that I do.

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